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LMG Translation Services

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We translate and localize with
a team of 1000+ native linguists to over 100 languages

A website, product description, marketing approach, and even data presentation can all get lost in translation. It’s not just because of the words on the page or the style of the design.

Translation services are so much more than words. A brand or product connects with people on a cultural level, and with today’s ever-evolving, fast-paced, global economy, it’s integral for a company to keep up with the language of the buyer in real time.

LMG Consultancy’s full range of services are designed to meet all of your company’s translation and localization needs, taking your brand and your product far beyond its hopeful reach.


We also use cloud-At LMG, we go through a three-step translation process (TEP –Translation, Editing, and Proofreading) to achieve accurate meaning and natural language flow while maintaining the original source. Your documents are translated, revised and reviewed by in-market, native translators who have relevant academic background and work experience. 

We also use cloud-based Translation Management Systems (TMS) to improve efficiency and consistency to meet all of your translation needs.
The TMS will be integrated with your existing CMS, and be automated through each step in the process, from internal review to the final push to live content. A smart and efficient tool that gives you the peace of mind that your customers are getting the right message.
Along with efficiency, LMGs tools are consistent. By using translation memory, we stay in line across brand glossaries and term bases. This system is not only more accurate, but it reduces costs by reusing already completed translations.
This technology also captures every phase of the process along the way, so LMG can back up the work by providing you with reports to analyze translation quality and identify actionable data. These tools provide innovative solutions for our customers and ensure they, in turn, are delivering a quality product to theirs.
Along with TMS, LMGs team of professional translators complete projects through the TEP process. 

This service combines the data and efficient tools of technology with the human element to stay consistent on tone and cultural clarity.

*Before getting on-board and translating documents for LMG customers, translators must pass translation tests and complete training for quality assurance.

Editing & Proofreading

To make your draft flawless, well designed and serve its purpose, LMG’s editing service is here to help. 

We adopt a two-step editing process to ensure the draft is well structured and sound natural in the target language. Our qualified editors & subject experts will analyze and revise the content by fixing mistakes, clarifying the message and cutting down (or building up) text to meet a specified word count, change the writing’s tone, make it fit particular constraints, and hone language for an intended audience.

After the first round of editing, our native proofreaders will run quality review and inspection. In this step, proofreaders will check against your outline, evaluate transition strategies and catch mistakes your eye can’t always see to ensure a clear and impactful final copy.

Transcription, Subtitling & Voice-over

Online video is growing exponentially, with over 4 billion videos viewed daily. To get your video content in front of thousands or even millions of potential customers, LMG team assists in turning any audio or video files you need transcribing into clear and simple text and reproduce the text spoken in other languages to maximize your reach. 

We can translate a movie script, transcribe video or audio materials, and add voiceover, subtitles or closed captions to make your content engaging for viewers. 

As part of our audio transcription process, you can choose to receive both languages transcribed or just the target (translated) text. We also ensure the text will be formatted clearly and split into logical sections to make things clearer. Additionally, timecodes and speaker identification are applied for clear readability. 
It includes the translation and reproduction of the text spoken in another language. Our in-market, native translator summarizes the text, revises rhetorical elements and modifies them according to the context of the respective language, so that everything sounds natural. Subtitles are usually placed on the edge of the screen to transmit dialogues or information, due to the character limit, the volume of words must be reduced considerably and yet, still be an accurate reflection of the original version. This is where the skill lies.
To make the video content come to life, LMG team is your voice-over service provider to get you the right voice that matches your brand and appeals to the listeners. 
Before recording, our voice-over talents study the scripts beforehand to perfect their tone, voice, and emotion to ultimately match the production which can be a brand’s tone or a character’s personality. If it is a translated script, the voiceover artist would play and edit it appropriately to ensure natural fluency in oral speaking. This kind of editing is often used in films, video and computer games. 

We work with professional, native-speaker voice actors from all over the world to localize audios and videos.

Website, App & Game Localization

While your product might fit the mold in one culture or continent, it might fall flat in the other. Success means identifying the needs of the customer, adhering to local regulations and purchasing practices, and most importantly, cultural context. Your business will open up to a whole new world of growth once your customers feel right at home navigating your website, interacting with your app, or playing your game.

Website Localization
LMG assists you in defining your localization strategy and creating a localization workflow for your team before translating your webpages. We follow the TEP process to achieve accurate meaning and natural language flow and we use cloud-based Translation Management Systems (TMS) to improve efficiency and consistency. 
Our team of in-market and native translators runs language quality assurance (LQA) and localization testing to polish the result for a perfect UX experience. 

App Localization
App localization is the process of adapting your mobile app to penetrate different countries by making it appealing to local users. You would need to use their own language, incorporate cultural nuances and adjust keywords into their own search terms.

LMG team not only assists you in localizing your App Store listing, app content and necessary user manuals, but also helps you find potential in particular markets by testing. 

Game Localization
Games are fun and fun games keep us moving along. Most gamers choose games in their native language because deciphering foreign words is no fun at all. But it’s not just about language use, it’s also about speed and consistency. 

At LMG, we leverage cloud-based technology to streamline the translation process for quicker turnaround time and ensure accuracy as well as consistency. Our local translators are passionate about games and have the know-how to make the game text compelling .   

We localize games, apps, and websites into more than 100 languages.

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation

Consecutive interpreters listen to what the speaker is saying, and convey the message into another language after the speaker has paused. It is more suitable for intimate meetings with an interactive nature. 

Simultaneous interpreting works for large, live events because interpreting happens in real time (while the speaker is talking). 

LMG team of interpreters offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. We provide the main forms of face-to-face interpreting and also video and phone interpreters for events and conferences.

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