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Language Support

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We offers services related to languages

Whether you need help with evaluating the linguistic quality of a translated document, or have quality and quantity challenges in data collection; LMG is your adviser and provides support for your needs. 

We offer a wide range of language support to SMEs and large corporations, from AI data collection, to multilingual surveys to language training. Find out more below:

Language Quality Assessment (LQA)

Linguistic Quality Assessment (LQA) is a key step in a successful translation project. This process allows linguists to review and correct their translation quickly with recommendations from the reviewers and identify the areas that need improvement or additional training for future projects.

Our LQA experts review and assess the translation. They detect, categorize the errors and give recommendations on how to fix them. 
We will also provide you a detailed LQA scorecard that displays a transparent and complete overview of the assessment including the overall score, weighted scoring, error category, and details of the corrected target translation.
The overall score from this step will decide whether a translation is passed or not. If it passes, it should be finalized with all the errors being corrected. If it does not, you should do additional proofreading or run a re-translation. 

LMG’s linguistic quality assessment (LQA) gives you confidence in the clarity, accuracy and consistency of your content.

Data Collection for Machine Learning

New machine learning models are often used in areas that have little or no training data to start with. 

Depending on the data requirements, LMG can help you start the data collection process manually with a team of experts to start generating high-quality data or run crowdsourcing and work with a group of linguists to generate necessary data. This data can later be used to train a machine. All the data from the manual process can be tracked, collected, and stored for model training.

Testing the Crowd for Quality: Language & Qualification Tests
To ensure native language proficiency, participants need to take rigorous language tests, created and validated by native speakers to cover colloquial speech and idiomatic nuances.
Participants also need to pass qualification tests to ensure they have understood what they need to do after accessing the task’s instructions. 
Human Validation
We also employ humans to carry out validation tasks to ensure participants are executing according to the instructions, but also the end product is meeting the KPIs defined in the job deliverables.

Multilingual Surveys

Multilingual surveys allows respondents to answer survey questions in their preferred language.
Your brand can therefore extend the global reach as you can engage with different types of customers across the globe.

You do not have to create one separate survey per language and can create your survey in one language first and then translate it into as many others as you like. Participants can then choose their preferred language at the beginning of the questionnaire and can enter their answers in any language and use any type of characters in your survey.

Language Training

With a global network of qualified, native speaking teachers, LMG provides tailor language training to bring your staff to the language level that you need. We provide live training or a training programme via an online platform that follows your planned schedule. 

We also offer tailor-made language solutions to train and develop your team to achieve business results. We are happy to help you with localizing your training content for a wide range of staff including HR departments, learning and development departments, corporate universities, talent management teams, client service groups, content development companies, and more. 

We are here to support your business success. If there is any other language support you require that is not on our list, please let us know how we can assist you. 

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