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Language, Marketing & Technology Solutions

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What we do

We provide a one-stop-shop experience for our clients seeking language and marketing services. We use cutting-edge technology and a hot-shot team of native linguists and in-market specialists from around the globe. Together, we produce tailored strategies to exceed the business goals of our partners.

Translation & Transcription

LMGs team of professional translators complete projects through the TEP process–Translation, Editing, and Proofreading. This service combines the data and efficient tools of technology with the human element to stay consistent on tone and cultural clarity.

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Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation

Our language experts have the deep cultural understanding to provide your speech, conversation or commercial with native-level interpretation.

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Transcreation and Creative Consultation

To accurately represent your brand in a foreign market, we translate meaning, tone and emotion for copy to create engaging, effective messaging to connect with your target audience. Find out how we can help you.

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Branding Consultation

Does your business need a new identity? Who is your ideal customer and how do you speak to them? Our brand specialists gather the data, analyze and shape the solutions to fulfil each and every one of your business’ sales goals. Get in touch and learn more.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

From SEO audit to keyword research to competitor analysis to content optimization; we curate a result-driven SEO strategy to improve rankings in search results and get more website traffic for your business. Learn how LMG can help you execute multi-market and multilingual SEO.

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Paid Advertising (PPC, display, video, programmatic ads)

Take advantage of both LMG’s team of experts as well as advanced technology to drive sales, generate leads & increase brand awareness with online ads. We report back to you with clear data and a full performance review. Discover how to boost your revenue.

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Website, App, and Game Localization

Let LMG help you with localization services for apps, video games, websites, and other digital platforms. Our smart technology solution allows seamless connectivity and quick translations of updates. Contact us and expand your market reach.

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Strategic Planning

LMG gives you the proper boost and support to take your services into new markets with confidence, identify areas of opportunity within your organizational structure and strategic plan, and get the most return on your investments as your company scales.

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Social Media & KOL Marketing

Discover how our expert marketer best uses social media marketing to generate awareness, connect with customers and increase sales. Want to drive more conversions from paid social ads? We can help.

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Content Marketing

At LMG, we adopt a strategic marketing approach for your business. We help you promote brand awareness and keep your business top of mind by creating and sharing relevant articles, videos, podcasts and other media to attract, engage and retain an audience.

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Our Professional Team

We are a team of native linguists and in-market specialists from around the globe.
With cutting-edge technology, our fresh-eyed and customized approach to consulting, we help businesses develop tailored strategies to reach their audience and exceed the business goals. If you describe your company as niche, boutique, local, or global, LMG has the tips and tools to get you where you want to go.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Customer satisfaction is a primary goal for our company. To that end, we are passionate about meeting and surpassing the expectations of our varied clientele. View our client testimonials

K.Y. Law – Consultant

Working with LMG has been fantastic. They are extremely knowledgeably about all aspect of SEO & PPC; and are incredibly transparent with what they are doing and why. Incredible professional all around. I highly recommend LMG to anyone who wants to create a digital marketing strategy that takes their business to the next level.

Fanny Yung
Sales & Marketing – A Leading Publication Company

Highly recommend this consultancy as they provide quality services.
Their translation service is good, staff are attention to details and responsive which I am satisfied. Digital marketing is another service they do. They help me to put my best foot forward online, target right customers and boost at least 30% of sales! Staff are supportive with good insight which impress me a lot.In a nutshell this company is professional and worthy for your business development.

Beatrice Chung, Co-founder of CBC Link

This first collaboration with LMG Consultancy has been very rewarding. LMG delivers work in a timely manner as well as instant feedback.

Rico Chu, CEO of Lingo Shine

I’ve been working with them for years and it’s always been a pleasure collaborating with them. I highly appreciate this provider and would suggest them to everyone I know in need of services in the relevant fields.

D. Allan Gray, Director of Product Development/R&D · sunEtrike

I contacted LMG to check my work on a French transcription I was working on. I had tried using an online tool and then proofread/correct it myself.
They exceeded my expectations big time. I’m glad I used them because I had some big errors that would have been pretty embarrassing to publish.

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